La Vaun Kelley, LPC-MHSP

In today's busy world, we often find ourselves facing challenges at work/school, in our families and/or other relationships leading to feelings of being overwhelmed, alone, anxious, irritable and at times, out of control. Many people will often ask me, "How can counseling help me?" or tell me "I don't have the time."  My answer to these questions "You can't care for others, if you don't take care of yourself. Sometimes talking with someone who isn't involved in the situation can help you gain a different perspective and learn new skills to help cope."


Through the years, I have worked in many different behavioral health settings, as well as with different client "populations".  In venturing out into private practice, I have found a special calling in working with women, children and adolescents whether surviving abuse, challenges of being a military family, or school issues. I am here to help you find balance and healing in your life.