Springing Forward

It's finally here.....Spring! Spring is a time for growth, and new beginnings. As the cold weather and dark days of winter begin to give way to longer, warmer days of spring, it's a great time to reflect on areas that you have become routine, or complacent in achieving goals. It's a great time to get reacquainted with your self, as well as those around you, as more people begin to get moving. Here are some great suggestions to help SPRING FORWARD:

1. The days are longer, this does not mean to work longer! Use these extra day light hours to get in a play date with the kids, a walk with the dog, or a nice long stroll with a loved one.

2. Light that grill up! In our family, we know Spring has sprung, as we start firing up that grill, uncovering the patio furniture, and getting ready for our evening dinners outside. Spring is a great time to begin, or reaffirm, your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

3. Mindfulness (for all those that know me, you know I had to do it). Spring is nature's season for birth and growth, as well. Take some extra time to be mindful of the world around you. As the greys and browns of winter, move into greens, and the bright colors of spring, be mindful of nature's change, of nature's reminder that your world does not need to remain grey and brown, Spring is the time for new growth.

4. Start a new project! Spring is a time to get those creative juices flowing (if like me, you are creatively challenged, Pinterest has some wonderful ideas from novices to project experts). Get the kids involved, its a great way to get the family engaged, and making some great memories.

5. Finally, as everyone comes out of hibernation, make new connections and reconnect with friends! Humans are not meant to be solitary creatures, we are social, and thrive off interpersonal interactions. Whether your an introvert, and enjoying just a small group of close friends, or an extrovert that loves to entertain, what a wonderful time to grow these connections.

Spring forward, and open up to growth and new beginnings!

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