Fall is here!! The weather is beginning to cool, and soon the leaves will start to change. Another main event of fall? School is in full swing with all that it brings: studying for tests, doing AND keeping up with homework, managing all those school supplies, and so on.

For many children and their families, its about establishing routines around afterschool sports and clubs to get back into their 'new normal' following the relaxation of summer break. For children with ADHD (and their families), the struggle of moving from class to class, activity to activity, while still doing and keeping up with class and home work becomes overwhelming leading to frustration with school, declining grades, behavior problems, and school avoidance.

Trinity Behavioral Health Services will be hosting a free ADHD seminar for parents of children with ADHD with the goal of providing information on common issues that arise with the ADHD child, both at home and school, as well as increasing organization, study skills, and day to day planning to reduce frustrations that often occur when parenting the ADHD child.

The seminar is open to existing clients, as well as community members. Please call our office at 931-919-2641 to register to attend.

Date: October 28th, 2017

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Cost: Free

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